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Alberta Ferretti

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Alberta Ferretti is a famous Italian fashion designer that in 1980 together with her brother Massimo based one of the biggest fashion groups.
Alberta Ferretti was born in Cattolica in Italy in 1950. Her mother was a talented seamstress who was in charge of 18 apprentices. Alberta followed her mother’s footsteps and in 1968 at the age of 18, she opened her first store. There were Versace and Krizia items. Alberta launched her own clothing production in 1974.

In October 1988, Alberta Ferretti was among the 200 fashion designers, invited at the reception of the British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher.
Alberta works with rapture, completely surrendering to her favorite occupation. For more than once, Hollywood stars have ordered her apparels to look stunning at the most important ceremony of the year – the Oscars.
“Only women shall sew for women: it’s easier for them to understand each other”, claims Ferretti. She loves lightness. Chiffon dresses with paillettes and ribbons can be traced in her each collection.
The designer’s clients are beautiful, individual, inimitable, and self-confident women. Alberta Ferretti’s collections always arouse interest and command popularity, and her clothing can often be seen dressed on the royals, movie stars and famous singers. The list of her customers includes Julia Roberts, Madonna, Uma Thurman, Nicole Kidman, and others.

According to Ferretti, her clothes don’t have the bright appeal that makes the customer buy them at once, and then after a short time make one annoyed and forces to get rid of the boring attire. It is necessary to get used to her style and realize that this is the garment that one needs. It takes time, however the person that once was accustomed to it will never throw it away or leave it somewhere deep in the wardrobe because from that moment the garment has already become not just a dress or pants but a part of identity.
A rare feature of her clothes is their universality; they harmonize with any time of day, mood and situation.
Evening gowns by Alberta Ferretti worth separate mentioning: her fashion maison had the honor to dress up the grand ladies for the White Winter Ball in New York in 2004.
Mom’s little atelier in Cattolica and Federico Fellini’s beautiful movies filmed in the environs of the town in the 50s became Alberta’s main source of inspiration. She mentions them in every interview and goes back there in her spare time.

Every year, during Milan Fashion Week, Ferretti thrills and sometimes even stuns the audience. Each time she invents something special what makes a spectator look at it with admiration and wide eyes open.
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