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In 1940s in one of the small Italian cities Ballin family opened a workshop in which sewed leather shoes, bags, briefcases and accessories. After a couple of years, the glory of quality and beautiful products rang through the country, and Ballin brand became famous. Family business was developing and, despite the difficult war and postwar years, has grown and brought a really good income.


In the second half of the twentieth century, Daniel Ballin – a talented designer and successful businessman – developed a basic concept of the company. According to it, shoes, which were produced at the «Ballin» enterprises, were not just a necessary part of the wardrobe but as his decoration. That’s why each model was created with decency as if it was a refined jeweler work.


The philosophy according to which “shoes are treasure” has led to the dizzying growth of the brand’s popularity: it has been recognized and loved by the rich and famous people. Shoes, boots and elegant sandals were sexy, evoking sensual emotions and were perfectly suited for people who really loved themselves and respected their own wishes.

Today, the presentation of each new collection of Ballin shoes – it’s a global event, that all are waiting for and then talk about for a long time. Amazing shapes, quality materials, an unexpected combination of leather, guipure, rhinestones and huge heels shock and conquer, but never leave people indifferent.


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