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Giovanni Fabiani

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A talented designer Giovanni Fabiani continued brilliant constellation of great masters of Italy, by offering the world original and stylish Giovanni Fabiani shoes. Giovanni founded his company in 1971 in the city of Fermo, which is located in central Italy.

Own way of looking at fashion and style made Giovanni Fabiani shoes popular far beyond Italy, and Giovanni Fabiani footwear production has become an important part of the whole Italian light industry, and turned from a small factory into a brand of world significance. Giovanni Fabiani suggest the reasons for his success is in constant following traditions of Italian masters, and of course in the unique author’s vision of fashion trends.


Giovanni Fabiani Company specializes in manufacturing of women’s designer shoes. Elegant and always feminine Giovanni Fabiani shoes are always up-to-date. Soft and delicate skin, pleasant to touch, smooth shapes suiting the anatomic features of the feet, no screaming details, restraint and style – all these have made Giovanni Fabiani brand adorable for millions of women around the world.

The quality is provided by high-quality materials, during the choice of which a special emphasis is placed on. In addition, the Giovanni Fabiani Shoe Factory is renowned for its qualified personnel, who has many years of experience in production and making of shoes. Using innovative technologies, careful attitude to traditions of shoe craftsmen, competent staff and care for customers is the formula for success of Giovanni Fabiani.


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