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Nando Muzi

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Nando Muzi – a man who has molded his own destiny with his own hands, what is, by the way, a very rare phenomenon in Italian footwear industry.

Nando Muzi7

The boy has been watching the work of shoemakers since he was a child, but his family did not approve of his passion. In 1956 he started to work as an assistant in a small workshop.

In 1963 Nando Muzi founded a shoe company and called it with his name – Nando Muzi. The company has come through a long way during which it has received international acclaim and world popularity.

Nando Muzi5

Nando Muzi always adhered to principles based on quality, starting with materials, constant technological innovation and careful handwork. Nando Muzi shoes are considered to be exclusive. It is made only from the high quality types of leather, which are classified as upscale.


Every pair of shoes is made by the best shoe master, and every collection is developed and personally approved by the owner of the factory. The harmonious combination of traditions and innovations, the aesthetic sensitivity of the company and the high quality of the whole production has been creating successful collections for 40 years already. Nando Muzi participates each year in the most prestigious exhibitions of exclusive shoes and presents his collections at shoe and footwear fairs.


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