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Roberto Botticelli

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The Italian footwear factory Botticelli begins its history from 1941. Even then, educated Aldo Botticelli specialized in the production of high quality handmade men’s shoes. Since 1975, the brand bears the name of Roberto Botticelli, under which the brand has reached its peak and the recognition by the connoisseurs of beauty.

Roberto Botticelli3

The year 1985 was marked by the appearance of the first women’s collection. Now it is one of the most famous Italian brands, represented in more than 30 countries and has exclusive brand boutiques of footwear on the main streets of world capitals.

Roberto Botticelli2

Roberto Botticelli products are presented in four lines, combining the highest level of quality and its own unique style.


Shoes from Italy by Roberto Botticelli are the perfection of creative thought and skill of the artist, the embodiment of only the best ideas, and this is what makes you feel the real taste of life.