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    New hot summer trend: meet basket bag

    Till the moment when Hermes created for Jane Birkin her namesake bag one of her iconic style elements was a wicker basket she wore almost everywhere. In the mid-70s, the pictures of the actress were all about the same: Serge Gainsbourg on the one hand and the straw basket on the other.


    Birkin was not afraid of the weirdest combinations: the basket was paired with jeans, short fur coat and transparent cocktail dress. Indeed, a peach of this accessory is its versatility; it can easily complete any city look as well as be quite opportune during seaside vacation. The perfect duo for the basket are a peasant shirt, boho sundress, shabby denim, straw hat, espadrilles or suede ankle boots.

    This season, several brands recalled the iconic Jane Birkin’s accessory presenting an allusion of the very same basket in their collections made of different natural materials like straw, linen, raffia and stranded cotton. The fashion trend has been already picked up many it girls including Alexa Chung, Camille Rowe and Leandra Medine.