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    Alessandro Gherardi: the Italian factory that makes shirts for the leading fashion maisons

    Sewing a shirt is just the same art as, for instance, composing a symphony and this process must be approached with all one’s heart – this is the belief of Alessandro Gherardi Company.

    Gherardi Factory was founded in the late 70-s in a small town in the valley of the Tiber – the land that absorbed the cultural and handicraft heritage of Tuscany, Umbria, Marche and Emilia-Romagna, the regions with a rich history and traditions. Thanks to competent management approach and continuous investing in development, the company’s founder Alessandro Gherardi led the enterprise to the European leadership in the scope of manufacturing men’s shirts. He still manages the affairs of the factory together with his brother Adriano, daughter Claudia, son Paolo and grandson Andrea.

    Today, three lines of shirts are produced under Alessandro Gherardi Brand – Classic, Soft and Vangher №7. The last one, in particular, was developed together with the designer Andrea Bassi and was inspired by military uniform.

    Lots of manual operations are made when producing Alessandro Gherardi shirts: shoulders and collars are finished with hands, sleeves and buttons are sewn manually, buttonholes are edged either.

    High-tech equipment, selected raw materials, and first of all human capital are the values of Gherardi Company. Perhaps the secret of this family business is that they put their heart into it doing their best to produce the merchandise of the highest standard. And the confidence of the world’s fashion leaders proves it: Alessandro Gherardi manufacture shirts not only for their own namesake brand but also for a range of notable fashion maisons.

    Some outstanding figures of the present are among the fans of Gherardi shirts; one of them, for example, is the former Ferrari president Luca Montezemolo.

    Alessandro Gherardi the Italian factory that makes shirts.