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    On fashion retail

    The value of the Fashion Industry is increasing every year as the share of its economic contribution to the global economy is growing gradually. According to the World Trade Organization as of 2010, in 2009 the export of garments in monetary terms amounted to 316 billion U.S. dollars, accounting for 2.6 % of total world exports. In comparison, exports of copper and steel make up 2.7 %, and office and telecommunications equipment, 10.9% of the total share of world exports. In addition, the number of employed workers in the field, fashion industry is one of the leaders in many countries.

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    Prices for haute couture clothing due to exclusivity and high quality are very high. But at present the other direction defies high fashion. Because of the high degree of democratization of society and accelerating fashion unique clothing and its high price cease to be the main criteria for selection. To meet this consumer demand there is a category like prêt-a-porter (French, literally can be translated as “ready to wear”).

    Clothing haute couture and pret -a-porter are the products that will be in demand in any economic period. Obviously, both on the rise, and in the conditions of economic crisis, people never cease to dress. People tend to dress in accordance with the way of life and the position occupied in society. Moreover, consumers of products of high fashion even in difficult financial situations remain loyal to their habits; for many of them it is a matter of status. Therefore, while opening a clothing store you can be sure that it’s quite a reliable and profitable business.

    The success of a clothing store depends on several key factors that complement each other and work in complex. Among the most importantare location of a boutique, its design and interior space organization, range of goods, well-trained sales personnel, and effective advertising campaign. While prepairing for opening you have to work hard and learn all the subtleties associated with the work of the boutique: from naming and copyright to procurement of goods and recruitment. All these nuances can be studied in marketing and management courses, while reading articles in press and on the Internet, and you can go to a specialized company like KOVALSKY which is successfully engaged in providing professional assistance in opening stores of Italian fashion clothing, shoes and accessories for many years.

    Learn all about the basic principles of doing business in fashion retail on the pages of our website. Here you will get full information about the basic steps necessary for opening your own store and turning it into a successful enterprise.