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    Where to start?

    The decision to open a fashion store as a matter of fact comes with connecting your life firmly with fashion industry.

    IMG_9799This means that from now on you will need to constantly catch up and keep an eye on any industry trends locally and globally. After mastering the basic knowledge about the business side of fashion, in order to get involved in fashion retail business you need to pursue the following practical steps:

    1. identify the commercial concept;
    2. develop a management model and structure.


    At this point it is very important to know how to choose the right platform for the opening of the store? How to plan sales and minimize risks? How to organize effective management?

    Photo3-3-300x225These quite general questions will entail a large scope of specific tasks you have to solve step by step in process of establishing your business. Among them are the following:

    • commercial concept;
    • corporate identity;
    • store design;
    • establishing an effective organizational structure;
    • selection of brands and collections;
    • assortment planning;
    • recruitment and training of staff;
    • promoting your store.

    Of course, all of the above issues require professional solutions that go beyond the information provided on our web site as it only aims to give you a basic understanding of the matter.  At any stage of your business development KOVALSKY is ready to provide you with professional advice.