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    Buying with KOVALSKY is as easy as the following four basic steps.

    It is not just coincidence that our company is considered a leading buying office on the territory of former USSR, including Eastern Europe, Baltics and Russia. We take pride for delivering quality service to our customers.

    There are four simple steps below to get started buying with us:


    STEP ONE: Brand Selection Consulting

    If you are a beginner in buying and you are not quite sure which brands to start with, KOVALSKY specialists will give you accurate insights of available brands and will assist you in selecting the right brands that suit the concept of your store, given the right market segment, general status and target audience. Or if you are already operating a fashion retail store, then we will happily assist you in renewal of assortiment and getting access to new Italian brands for more success of your business. We are interested in long-term success of our customers’ businesses, therefore we are committed to provide you with professionally liable advises in making the right decisions in brand selection.

    STEP TWO: Planning Your Buying Program

    As soon as you have made your brands selection, our office immediately starts prepration works that include compiling an individual buying program, holding talks with manufacturers and fashion houses, making necessary appointments, travel, visa and other logistical arrangements, etc. If necessary, we will file inquiries to get access to high profile Italian brands, which normally is a time-consuming process. We will put up a presentation of your store/enterprise along with the application to the fashion maisons. Once finalized, your schedule will be discussed with you additionally and upon your final confirmation, we are ready to meet you in aiport of Milan.

    STEP THREE: Buying

    You will be met by our manager who will be fully in charge of your Buying Program. He or she will drive you around and accompany you during your visits to showrooms, factories, stock houses and trade shows. He will also provide you with translations during meetings and negotiations, as well as assist you in handling all the paper work involved in the process.

    STEP FOUR: Stock Delivery 

    Once you filed your orders and purchases you may only need to approve one of the many Cargo companies KOVALSKY partners with to handle the shipping of the goods to your destination. From that moment we will become an interlink between you and the cargo company which will directly deal with shipping your stock to you. KOVALSKY will monitor for you the entire process from here, in Italy to make sure the Cargo company ensures the timely and quality service.