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    Sales campaigns

    In Italian fashion industry there are two periods in a year when all the main transactions for purchases and sales of designer products take place – spring-summer and autumn-winter seasons. This period is also called sales campaign during which all the showrooms in Milan open their doors to buyers from all around the world.


    Sales campaigns are carried out twice a year and they are connected with seasonal collections of fashion maisons.


    Collection is ready for presentation in January and February and orders are made from January to April. Goods are shipped out of warehouses in Italy from July to September. New collection can be seen directly in showrooms of fashion houses, as well as during trade fairs held in Milan and Florence.


    Collection is being presented from July to September. Orders are made from July to October. Fabricated production is shipped within a period of February-March . New collection is exhibited in showrooms and at trade shows which are traditionally held in Milan and Florence.

    This is a standard system of sales campaign adopted in Italy. It may also differ from a conventional scheme as it depends on productive capacity of manufacturers.

    AW sales campaign usually begins early in the year. In particular, for men’s collections sales campaign lasts from February 15 to March 15, for women’s collections from February 20 to March 1, and for footwear from March 15 till April.