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    Nowadays, it is a common knowledge that effective relationship with the customer – is the foundation of any business. However , in business practice CIS rare company that would give due importance to the issue of customer service. Many of them diligently focused only on improving product quality , design, lower prices , inserting a lot of money and so on When they forget that all this is necessary to watch the “eyes” of the client.

    After all , good advertising and low prices will lead this client to the door of your store / company , but the inability to properly serve its cause the buyer to leave unhappy and forever ” pick ” with a few more potential customers. Usually in such cases the entrepreneur switches his attention to the “measures of education personnel ,” considering that those showing enough enthusiasm to his duties.

    This is a gross error , because the root of the evil is not the case , and that the company as a whole does not correctly perceive today’s customer.

    Let us try to imagine a portrait of today’s customer. Today’s client – this is not the one who 10-15 years ago was willing to stand for hours in line for any deficiency . Our client is not rarely travels the world sits for hours on the internet or watching on television advertising brands and most importantly it has a huge selection of goods and services. Today’s customer has experience quality service and he likes it . He was used to it, furthermore it requires it ! Now you can not tell the customer “Choose between low prices and good service .” Today’s customer is uncompromising : he wants to do both. Today we live in a time when the only difference between the goods and services that the client is able to see this difference in the quality of service. But it is precisely this difference creates the client a positive attitude and disposition to the company and its products or services . This is one of the main competitive advantages in today’s marketing. Therefore , the value of service in the general context of management is impossible not to be overestimated.

    So there it is – a first class service ? If we describe briefly , first-class service – that’s intellectual and emotional satisfaction of customer needs and exceed their expectations .

    Of course this is not an easy task and without special knowledge and clear method will not do here . KOVALSKY specialists ready to provide professional training services for staff of the service or the basics of working with clients.