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    Choosing a concept

    Coming up with a commercial concept is the first and fundamental step in your business quest. This primarily means having a clear business vision and market positioning of designer clothes, shoes and other luxuries. A set of activities such as marketing research, risks and opportunities assessment and potential consumer portrait drawing will surely help you get started.


    As a first step towards the development of our own concept it’s important to determine the specialization of the store. It stands for the class of products that will be represented there, certain brands and your potential customers. To do this we must first check ou the following technical parameters:

    • store classification by the level of exclusiveness: popular segment, middle class, high-end;
    • products categories: clothing, footwear, accessories (could be only clothing, shoes, accessories, or mixed);
    • gender: men’s or women’s, unisex (clothing/shoes/accessories);
    • product style: classic, formal, casual, street, sport;
    • brand representation: monobrand (single) or multibrand (mixed).

    Once you have decided what kind of a store you would like to open based on the above criteria, you will easily identify your target audience which in its turn will lead you to make the right decision in selecting the respective products and brands. Defining your potential clientelle will lead you to defining the right interior design, corporate identity and other technical and creative solutions necessary to complete your task.